These mats are perfect for meditation in a park, on the beach or at home. They are light weight and easy to take anywhere. We suggest keeping one in the car and one at home. 


They are beautifully designed and feature mandala designs and striking, tasteful colours.


They are equally useful as a towel/covering for yoga mats - either your own (for easy cleaning) or when you are at a yoga centre with public/shared mats. They help you to look after your personal hygiene, away from sweaty/dirty public yoga mats. 


And they are ideal for Bikram Yoga - absorbing sweat and keeping up your personal hygiene. This yoga mat towel/covering can help keep your yoga mat clean and hygienic - the towel/covering can be easily cleaned. 


Just spread it over the yoga mat, avoid breathing the smell of the yoga mat at close range and avoiding direct contact. 


This yoga mat/towel can also be used as a portable yoga mat. Because they are light and easy to carry, you can take this with you for outdoor yoga or when travelling. 


It can also be used to provide additional padding or support during your yoga session if you have any injury.

Meditation Mat / Yoga Mat Towel/Covering - Blue - Green Mandala