This is a beautiful and rare handcrafted pair of cufflinks made from genuine Indian Silver.

They are handmade by a skilled artisan in India - the intricate handwork would be prohibitively expensive in most other places and India has a long and strong tradition of high quality jewellery making. By their nature, they may contain slight variations from one to the other.

These are exquisite cufflinks and would make a valuable and rare addition to the collection of any lover of high quality cufflinks, a wonderful gift for anyone who appreciates high end cufflinks, or are ideal to wear on a special occasion.  

As the cufflinks are made of silver, they will require cleaning and should be kept away from fragrance and water and should ideally be kept in a separate box. We have included a handsome wooden box to keep the cufflinks in but keep things that will tarnish them out.

Handcrafted Silver Cufflinks


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