Beardz.Store Solid Cologne is 100% natural and does not contain alcohol. It's made for us in the USA.

As it's a solid cologne, you can take it on the plane with you (if we're ever able to fly anywhere again).

To Apply: Use your fingers to scoop a small amount from the slide. Warm between finger and thumb. Rub it on pulse points (wrist, neck, behind ears). The waxes and oils double as a moisturizer. Rub excess on beard and hair. 


Shea Butter
Jojoba Oil
Essential Oils For Fragrance
Bees Wax

Our Solid Cologne is available in a choice of 3 fragrances:

Beast is the perfect scent for a night out or when you really want to impress someone combining beardcare and high end cologne. 

Bourbon is a sweet Southern delight - a bit like Tennessee whiskey and a touch of caramel so people don't think you've been drinking at work! Our perfumer says its as smooth as Tennessee whiskey, as sweet as strawberry wine, and as warm as a glass of brandy.

Lion King is light and fragrant. It is scented with Lavender, Birch, African Violet and Louro Amarelo Tree.

Beardz.Store Solid Cologne - 14g


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