Bath Soaks are the most wonderful thing that your current baths are lacking. Meditation is one of the most premium products of this type, containing the finest of ingredients and a touch or two of special luxury and indulgence to stand well apart.

Our bath soaks contain luxury ingredients that transform your time spent relaxing and getting clean into a sensory experience to be treasured and enjoyed. A time spent transporting you to wherever you wish to be. With the world transformed to how you want it. It is bath products re-imagined.

Our Meditation Bath Soaks consists of luxury skincare ingredients that make your bath beautiful and transformative. A place where you go beyond relaxing to a deeper level of connection and transformation. 

This luxury bath soak blends finely crushed Pearls and flakes of Pure Silver with Blue Spirulina, Goat's Milk, Raspberries and Collagen. 

It also contains a bottle of our Meditation bath enhancer - a mix of gentle, premium liquid soap and fine oils including Aloe Vera Extract, Sandalwood Oil, Blue Lotus Extract, and specially selected Vanilla Fragrance Oil.  

Freshly picked and freeze-dried roses and other flowers in shades of blue and white are added to make this a memorable therapeutic and sensory experience.

The luxury ingredients deliver - in addition to the beautiful and indulgent sensory experience - high levels of anti-oxidants: universally acclaimed as important in skincare and, in particular, in maintaining a youthful appearance. 

The use of milk in the bath is a tradition that the world's most elite, sophisticated, and wealthy have followed because of the beneficial effects that the fat content of milk are believed to provide to the skin.

Beautifully, the Blue Spirulina will transform your bathwater to a light blue shade to give the sense of floating on a tropical lagoon.

The product is handmade in Sydney, Australia by Adarsh MK an emerging new brand making the most premium of luxury bath, skin and beauty products. 

Adarsh MK Meditation Bath Soak - 340g e